there’s no need for ‘we’ve had a problem’

In fact, our gamma scanning technology makes it possible to identify operational and mechanical issues without shutting down your operation, letting you fix any issues before they cause any problems at all.

We know that you do things differently in Houston

But at TowerScan, we’re happy to keep doing things the same way that we always have. Although we’ve honed our techniques and improved our equipment over the years, we still provide exactly the same reliable and accurate gamma scanning service that we’ve been providing since the late eighties.

Our Services

Level Measurement

TowerScan offers quick, safe, and accurate level measurements and material interface characterization.

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Gamma Scanning

TowerScan’s gamma scanning service, provides a fast, efficient means of finding out what is happening inside your column, while it is still operating.

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Pipe Scanning

TowerScan’s pipe scanning service offers a fast, effective means of locating blockages and build-ups within your process pipes.

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Case Studies

Neutron Backscatter – Multiphase Level Measurement

Pre Job Info: The customer had a vertical drum which contained multiple phases – vapor, hydrocarbon, an emulsion phase, and water. There were both high and low level nucleonic level indicators installed on the vessel, the problem was that simultaneous high and low level alarms were being indicated. TowerScan Results: TowerScan performed a series of … Continued

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Profiles of Normally Operating vs. Damaged Trays

Pre Job Info: The customer was experiencing problems operating the column in a stable manner. The column had been scanned the previous year, thus providing baseline data for comparison. TowerScan Results: The most recent scan plotted in red, revealed that the tower had suffered extensive damage to trays 2 through 13. The damage was easily … Continued

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Trayed Column – Flooding Due to a Mechanical Obstruction

Pre Job Info: The client was unable to meet their product specifications, and there were indications of liquid being carried overhead. The client suspected either foaming or flooding. There was no reliable pressure differential available for the tower. TowerScan Results: The scan revealed the tower to be flooded from tray 12 upwards. The sharpness of … Continued

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Our Customers

Houston, when it comes to checking your tower for problems, this isn’t our first rodeo.

At Tower Scan, we’re proud of that fact that, over the past 27 years, we’ve helped
countless companies identify operational and mechanical issues without having to shut down their operations.

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  1. An evaluation of your immediate concerns and an idea of what you wish to accomplish.
  2. An overall mechanical drawing of the tower or process equipment. This tells us things like tower height and diameter, as well as the elevation and orientation of trays, packed beds and nozzles.
  3. Access to the top of your tower.
  4. A safe work permit.
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