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At TowerScan, we know that even the smallest amount of operational downtime can have an enormous effect on your business and your bottom line. That’s why - for the past 31 years - we’ve been using gamma scanning technology to help businesses identify operational and mechanical issues before they become a problem.
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Level Measurement

Quick, safe and accurate. We offer exceptional level measurement and material interface characterization with concise reports and documentation.
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Gamma Scanning

Get a thorough picture of the inside of your distillation towers - as well as any issues and problems - without the need for operational downtime.
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Pipe Scanning

Quickly and efficiently pinpoint and identify the location of any blockages or build-ups in your process piping.

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At TowerScan, we’re proud of the fact that -- over the past 31 years -- we’ve built a reputation that’s founded on our precision, efficiency and dependability. We’ve helped our customers avoid unnecessary shutdowns and large maintenance costs by identifying and pinpointing their problems quickly and efficiently.

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At TowerScan, we always put safety first.

When you’re working in an oil refinery, chemical or gas processing plant, it’s impossible to be too careful. That’s why we make sure our staff are up-to-date with the latest industrial and radiation safety training requirements.

At TowerScan, whether we’re performing a neutron backscatter survey or a gamma scan on a tower , we want to make sure that we’re always doing it in the safest way possible.

That’s why we’re proud that our safety programs have been given the stamp of approval from ISNetworld, Avetta (formerly PICS), PEC Premier, and other third party safety organizations.

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Appreciated most your engineer coming to our meetings to give us a first hand report.  The timeliness of your response and ability to fit into our critical schedule (middle of the night) was also very important.

Craig B., Olefins engineering manager

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  1. An evaluation of your immediate concerns and an idea of what you wish to accomplish.
  2. An overall mechanical drawing of the tower or process equipment. This tells us things like tower height and diameter, as well as the elevation and orientation of trays, packed beds and nozzles.
  3. Access to the top of your tower.
  4. A safe work permit.
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