At TowerScan, we know that operating safely, maintaining production and avoiding downtime are everything - unscheduled shutdowns can cost from tens of thousands up to millions of dollars in lost production depending on the size of the plant.

Solutions Today Plan for Tomorrow

With any process column, problems can, and will, arise over time. At TowerScan, we pride ourselves on keeping process units operational by helping to quickly and efficiently identify problems when they occur. Using a range of techniques, we can help you plan for your next outage and spot issues with your distillation towers and other process equipment that might cause downtime in the future.

Experienced Hands

At TowerScan we’ve performed thousands of scans over the past three decades.  From damaged or missing trays, fouled packed beds, to the evaluation of flooding and other process issues, our engineers perform precision scans using state-of-the-art, detection technology. Precision is paramount and TowerScan has the proven track record to deliver reliable results you can trust, giving you added confidence when making tough decisions about your operation.

In fact, TowerScan personnel have been preventing lost revenue and ensuring the integrity of production for the past three decades.

Avoid Surprises

Unscheduled shutdowns are extremely costly. Our Gamma Scanning service uses non-invasive techniques to prevent your operations from having to shutdown unnecessarily.  We also identify issues that might become problems further down the line. This lets you schedule maintenance shutdowns at times that will have the least impact on your business.

In fact, because the gamma scanning can minimize production loss and keep revenue within expectations, some of our clients have made it part of their annual maintenance plan as a preventative measure.

Gamma Scanning in Action
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Trayed & Packed Towers

Gamma scanning columns with trays can determine:
  • The location of damaged or missing trays.
  • The severity and extent of flooding, entrainment, foaming or weeping.
  • The location of process bottlenecks.
  • The depth and density of aerated liquids.
  • The liquid level at the base of the column.
Gamma scanning packed columns can determine:
  • If all the packed beds are in the column.
  • Damaged beds or settling of the packing.
  • Liquid levels on chimney and collector trays
  • If beds have flooding or fouling.
  • The presence of severe liquid - vapor maldistribution
  • Demister pads and distributors are at their proper elevation
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Get Started

There is no better time to get TowerScan to quote on your scanning needs. Our expert staff are standing by to help you.

Here is all you need to get started:
  1. An evaluation of your immediate concerns and an idea of what you wish to accomplish.
  2. An overall mechanical drawing of the tower or process equipment. This tells us things like tower height and diameter, as well as the elevation and orientation of trays, packed beds and nozzles.
  3. Access to the top of your tower.
  4. A safe work permit.
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