When ice, water, coke, scale or polymer builds up in your process lines, it can lead to blockages. These blockages, in turn, eventually lead to unnecessary downtime, reduced efficiency and – in the worst cases – damage to the pipes and associated process equipment.

Pipe Scanning

Based on the same principle as our gamma scanning technology, our pipe scanning service use a radioactive source and a detector to measure the average density across the diameter of a pipe. When that density fluctuates or deviates from the expected results, it indicates that there’s a deposit that is blocking the pipe. If we know the density of the material – whether it’s coke build-up or ice, for instance – we can determine the thickness of the blockage too.

Quick and efficient blockage detection

The pipe scanning service not only offers a quick and efficient method for detecting blockages, but also reduces the downtime required to clear the blockage – by pinpointing the exact location and nature of the blockage, the amount of time required to uncover and clear the blockage is drastically reduced.

Not only that, but the light and portable nature of the equipment means that our team are capable of scanning hundreds of feet per hour depending on the measurement interval, making it much more efficient, accurate and cost-effective alternative to the traditional radiography.

Our Pipe Scanning Service in Action:
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  3. Access to the top of your tower.
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