We've put together a few video case examples and some more in depth case studies below.

Flooding Example

This is an example of a series of gamma scans of a tower with multi-downcomer type trays where flooding was an issue.

Tray Damage Example

This is an example of a gamma scan that revealed that tray damage was present in a distillation tower.

Fouled Packing Example

This is an example of a series of gamma scans performed on a packed column that was prone to fouling.

Pipe Scan Example

This is an example of a series of gamma scans that were performed on a waste heat header pipe in order to find solids deposits (i.e. pluggage) in the pipe.

Maldistribution Example

This is an example of a gamma scan of a packed tower that showed maldistribution to be present in one of the packed beds.

More Case Studies

Neutron Backscatter – Multiphase Level Measurement

Pre Job Info: The customer had a vertical drum which contained multiple phases – vapor, hydrocarbon, an emulsion phase, and water. There were both high and low level nucleonic level indicators installed on the vessel, the problem was that simultaneous high and low level alarms were being indicated. TowerScan Results: TowerScan performed a series of … Continued

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Profiles of Normally Operating vs. Damaged Trays

Pre Job Info: The customer was experiencing problems operating the column in a stable manner. The column had been scanned the previous year, thus providing baseline data for comparison. TowerScan Results: The most recent scan plotted in red, revealed that the tower had suffered extensive damage to trays 2 through 13. The damage was easily … Continued

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Trayed Column – Flooding Due to a Mechanical Obstruction

Pre Job Info: The client was unable to meet their product specifications, and there were indications of liquid being carried overhead. The client suspected either foaming or flooding. There was no reliable pressure differential available for the tower. TowerScan Results: The scan revealed the tower to be flooded from tray 12 upwards. The sharpness of … Continued

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Trayed Column – Optimizing Use of Anti-Foam

Pre Job Info: This customer’s tower required regular injection of anti-foaming agents in order to maintain stable operational conditions. However, they wanted to ensure that they were making optimum use of the anti-foam and not unnecessarily spending money on additional volumes that didn’t provide any benefit. TowerScan Results: A series of scans were performed with … Continued

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Trayed Column – Entrainment

Pre Job Info: This customer had made modifications to their tower during a shutdown. Ever since the turnaround it had not been possible to operate the tower in a stable manner or make product that was on specification, even though the operating parameters seemed comparable to pre-turnaround. TowerScan Results: The first scan (plotted in red) … Continued

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MD Trays – Damaged

Pre Job Info: The customer had been experiencing an erratic bottoms temperature profile, as well as unstable operation of the column for several weeks ever since an upset in the unit. From their instrumentation and analysis, they were confident the problem was in the bottom half of the column, but they could not pinpoint the … Continued

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